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NYC BlockAsia debuts at the end of first annual Blockchain Week NYC

NYC BlockAsia to showcase blockchain conglomerates of the Asia-Pacific region at the first Blockchain Week NYC on May 18.

Apr 30, 2018 | By LUXUO

Blockchain Week NYC, running from 11-17 May, will end on a high note with the debut of NYC BlockAsia on 18 May. The one-day conference will be a congregation of the who’s who of leading blockchain components from across the Asia-Pacific region and New York City at Caden (381 Broadway) in the trendy Tribeca neighbourhood.

The conference is organised by Blockchain Pangea, a U.S.-based blockchain events management organization specialising in the Asia-Pacific region. The co-organisers are Jinse, the leading blockchain media outlet in China, and Contractland, a decentralised exchange powered smart-contract-as-service platform.

NYC BlockAsia will showcase blockchain leaders and their companies from across the Asia-Pacific region, with participation from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and New Zealand. Blockchain Week NYC will also feature conferences such as Consensus and Blockchain Without Borders Summit.

The conference will provide unique opportunities for stakeholders from both NYC-based top crypto funds and the Asia-Pacific region to interact and network under one roof. One of the Platinum Sponsors, Hong Kong-based FusionICO, offers a full range consulting service to help blockchain based tech companies succeed in all phases of the ICO process across Asia. They will be presenting on the current blockchain landscape in Asia during the event.

The keynote speaker will be Vincent Zhou, Founding Partner of FBG Capital. As an early investor into the broad spectrum of blockchain companies and projects since 2015, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of approximately 80 projects. Another notable speaker confirmed for the conference is Aaron McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Centrality, a venture studio that’s creating an ecosystem of applications on blockchain technology. Another luminaries that will highlight the event is Long Vuong (Founder, CEO of Tomochain), Syed Fazli (CTO, Celsius Network) and Xiaochen Zhang (President of FinTech4Good, Blockchain Frontier Group).

“The conference will highlight many companies that are on a quest to build world-leading blockchain platforms and ecosystems to serve the global population,” says Victor Goh, Blockchain Pangea founder.

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