Yacht-Like Cabin Interiors are Becoming a Trend

Jun 07, 2019 / Culture

The desire from Asia-Pacific customers for yacht-like cabin interiors is driving a new desgin trend which sees automotive and now aviation genres adopting the aesthetic

Moshe Safdie: 5 signature masterpieces from the iconic architect

Apr 23, 2019 / Culture

From the new Changi Airport’s Jewel shopping mall extension to Marina Bay Sands, Israeli-born Moshe Safdie is the architect behind some of the world’s most iconic buildings

The Joybringers at Hermès Liat Towers: A Curious play

Jun 28, 2018 / Culture

An Indonesian based artistic duo, Indieguerillas, captures the giddy levity of play in this their latest installation, currently being showcased in the windows of Hermès Liat Towers.

Ocean’s 8 Movie Starring Cartier’s Historic Necklace is Hitting The Screens This Weekend

Jun 05, 2018 / Culture

The Ocean’s 8 film is coming to the theatres this June, featuring the recreation of a historic high jewellery Cartier necklace at the centre of the plot.

Yayoi Kusama to Create Outdoor Artworks for London’s Elizabeth Line

Mar 28, 2018 / Culture

The bespoke outdoor installation presents the artist’s famous polka-dot motif, and capture her journey through elements of modern design and inspiration.

The Mad Architect: Ole Scheeren has made a career out of Deconstruction

Jan 04, 2018 / Culture

Ole Scheeren believes “Form Follows Fiction” and that all great architecture should tell a great story and his mad architecture certainly tells epic tales

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