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Fendi Reopens Marina Bay Sands Store

Fendi has thrown open its doors once more at Marina Bay Sands to welcome customers back to its newly refurbished store.

Nov 23, 2016 | By LUXUO

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore has seen a lot of store re-openings of late and Fendi is the latest brand to throw open its doors to welcome shoppers back once more. It takes more than just a fresh coat of paint to help the brand highlight its love for impeccable design and heritage. The Roman brand has updated the interior to reflect its illustrious roots and has even included several sketches by Karl Lagerfeld.fendi-3426

The details are highlighted in Fendi’s showcase of its ready-to-wear, furs, handbags, shoes and accessories collections. Fendi’s leather goods welcome customers as they step in to the store while the Spike Wall helps to showcase the key elements that we have come to associate with the brand. Covered with gold metal spikes, the wall also displays the iconic Fendi Baguette bag alongside niches that are made from cracked stucco and brushed bronze panels.fendi-3023

Within, the store has a Women’s Leather Goods area that is dedicated to collections that cater to women, obviously. The area that houses the ready-to-wear collection is filled with warmth and light while a contrasting dark palette with silver and black accents is used for the shoes and accessories room. For the men, Fendi chose a palette of golden brown tones and sharp colors to add a masculine edge to the area.Fendi

To help commemorate the opening of the store, Fendi has released limited edition recreations of the iconic Peekaboo bag and Strap You. What makes the bag so special is the use of special embroidery with purple leather on the inside. Additionally, it features green leather trimming and the final touches of palladium accessories and Swarovski crystal bar and closure. On the Strap You, Fendi has added special embroider on purple and black leather.

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