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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Let’s face it, Mother’s Day should really be celebrated all day, every day but since it happens only once a year, then you should go all out and spoil her.

May 06, 2016 | By LUXUO

Do you feel the panic building up inside? What about the uncertainty? We know exactly what you’re going through. We are just two sleeps away from Mother’s Day in Singapore and still clueless as to what we should get dear mum. We know the go-to gift is a reservation at her favorite restaurant, but why not your one-and-only mum something she can look back on with fond memories.

As we brain-stormed about ideas in the office (Go Teamwork!), we agreed that mothers do not simply fit one mold. With their various interests and lifestyles in mind, we set out on a mission to find options for the woman who has, for many years, put you first. We present you with our gift guide to Mother’s Day that is sure to win you brownie points with dear ol’ Mum.

For the FashionistaYSL-BO-OPIUM-MINAUD.-PLEXINAP-418593_JA74O_8097_A-SGD2490

Whether she’s out for a night on the town with her friends or heading out for dinner with the family, mum always makes sure that she looks her best. For someone who has her own personal style and hates bulky accessories, I would pick the Saint Laurent Opium Minaudière. The Opium Minaudière is an elegant and stylish clutch that I’m sure she would love to add to her wardrobe. Plus, I think the rope straps and leather tassels are an interesting touch.

Robbie Wilson, Deputy Editor (Yacht Style & PALACE) 

For the Jet-SetterRS1361_Aman-at-Summer-Palace---Swimming-Pool

For something truly special, I would go with the best trip of a lifetime and there happen to be two such options this year, one from Aman Resorts and the other from Four Seasons.

This is just what the doctor ordered in terms of kicking back and having the world at your feet, private jet included. For mothers who are always putting other people’s needs before their own, this is a great getaway. Also, it is a proper tale to tell the grandkids about.

Ashok Soman, Associate Publisher (Luxuo)

For the Athletic MumSwarovski-Fitness-Tracker-Mothers-day

When you think about it, mothers – especially new ones – are like Ironman participants. They run after the kids, wheel the young ones around while gracefully completing the 5,736 errands at home and at work, and swim in an ocean of mixed emotions (mostly frustration and despair, tinged with love). So, really, most – if not all – mothers are uber-active women.

Which is why the versatile and very elegant Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry Collection, designed in collaboration with Misfit, is the perfect treat for the modern, active mum. There couldn’t be a more chic way for her to track her physical activity than with the beguiling Activity Crystal, which syncs to her smartphone wirelessly. Swap out the sport band for a Slake bracelet, and she’s ready for that critical meeting with important clients or that hard-to-come-by night out with Hubby away from the kids. She works hard enough. Let her do it in exquisite style, at least.

Justin Cheong, Deputy Editor (L’Officiel Singapore)

For the Jewelry AddictTiffany-Co-tourmaline-Mothers-Day

You can never go wrong with a beautiful creation from Tiffany & Co. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Blue Book collection and got lost in the many designs available. Somehow, I managed to narrow it down to one and I have to say, I am proud of myself. The cushion-cut green tourmaline ring with round diamonds would certainly be an eye-catching accessory for her to own and it would be a thank you to the woman who has endured my tantrums, and been my shoulder to cry on. If that doesn’t bring a smile to her face then I’m not sure what will.

Vimidamini Haridasan, Digital Writer

For the Beauty Junkieren_instant_bea.26112173008.h0

For all the stress, tears and wrinkles, I’ve inflicted upon her over the years, I think mom would really appreciate a good eye care regimen. Cult skincare label Ren’s “Instant Bright Beauty Shot Eyelift” is a new gel-serum that promises to dramatically lessen crow’s feet while brightening dark circles with its potent formula of Hyaluronans. Hopefully that puts the sparkle back into her eyes!

Shatricia Nair, Digital Writer

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