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‘Invisible Man’ Liu Bolin and Annie Leibovitz team up for Moncler Spring/Summer 2017 campaign

Now you see it, now you don’t. Italian luxury brand Moncler joins forces with the artist of invisibility, Liu Bolin and Annie Leibovitz to bring a campaign steeped in creativity.

Feb 09, 2017 | By LUXUO

Blink and you’ll miss it. Moncler’s new Spring Summer 2017 advertising campaign presents a surrealist wonderland featuring the “Invisible Man”, artist Liu Bolin, photographed by renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz. Moncler’s adoption of a contemporary approach to showcase its new season brings the focus to the brand’s zealous reinvention and innovation. The campaign’s vision is headed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz, who has for the last five seasons brought to life the iconic nature and essence of Moncler.

Highlighting the brand’s adventurous spirit, the images were created against the lush flora of New York’s Central Park; as well as a sea of old dog-eared titles in New York’s oldest bookstore. Artist Liu Bolin is poised at the center of the campaign if you can spot him. Leibovitz and Liu’s collaboration sees the latter donning Moncler’s Doudoune Legère snowsuit. Decorated specifically by Liu, each of these snowsuits was transformed to achieve a chameleonic illusion through a seamless blend into the backdrop in front of Leibovitz’s lens, ironically presenting the clothing by hiding it.

Liu’s figure recedes into the scenery- a near tessellated backdrop- appearing transparent. Lauded as the “Invisible Man”, Liu has long perfected his vanishing act. Beginning as performance art in 2005, his most revered work is the “Hiding in the City” series, a form of silent protest against the Chinese government’s demolition of Suo Jia Cun where he once worked as a sculptor’s assistant. Liu shot to fame with this series of self-portraits focused on fusion and dissolving of the body into a surrounding area, whilst also managing to identify itself within the environment containing it.

The Moncler outerwear collections are known to marry the extreme demands of nature with those of city life. Melding both art and fashion together in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, Moncler creates a scene that accentuates the brand’s versatility.

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