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Pablo Reinoso Explores Consciousness by Manipulating Solid Steel in Mid-Air

A unique Pablo Reinoso sculpture installed at Cappella Singapore is leasing new life to an art world that is increasingly preoccupied with works catered to instagram marketability.

Jan 28, 2019 | By LUXUO


Interactive artwork is all the rage today, not to mention how Instagram culture has narrowed the way we perceive and consume art. More often than not, the ‘instagram-ability’ of artworks trumps traditionally valued aspects, such as sophisticated technique and meaningful narrative.


Manifesting The Intangible



Pablo Reinoso’s latest installation at Capella Singapore, located on Sentosa Island, aims to marry all new and old priorities in art by expanding boundaries and opening up conversation through his sculpture, titled Knowledge (2018). The minimalist-style painted steel sculpture is placed on the lush green lawn at the hotel’s entrance. It’s difficult to decide whether the peculiarly shaped installation functions as an overly-conspicious park bench, or a fragile artwork to be appreciated from a distance. Looking on from a distance, it resembles a spiralling gymnastics ribbon gliding through mid-air.

This is the effect Reinoso was hoping to achieve: the idea of freeing something from its original purpose by manipulating solid steel through air to explore the idea of consciousness.

Visitors are welcome to sit on the semi-circular seating ledge of the installation and engage with the surrounding landscape as they explore, with Pablo Reinoso’s assistance, “the infinity of objects and space”. Knowledge (2018) is a remarkable addition to Capella Singapore’s growing art collection. An art collection that includes artists such as, George Chemenche, Takeshi Kawashima, Markus Linnenbrink, Nikolas Weinstein and Berner Venet.


Reinoso’s international reputation for exploring the boundaries of art and design pushes past today’s souring preoccupation with ostentatious Instagram-specific art. His work adds greater depth and meaning to the aesthetic appeal of the hotel grounds.

“The installation of Pablo Reinoso’s sculpture at our resort continues the hotel’s mission of placing art in public spaces in order to create a dialogue. Reinoso’s work has the unique capacity to prompt conversation and invite visitors to actively pause and communicate with one another, with ‘the bench’ signalling a communal space” -Fernando Gibaja, General Manager of Capella Singapore

Pablo Reinoso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1955. With roots in architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, the Franco-Argentinan sculptor focuses his craft “on the entity, its transference, and the unconscious, using space and time as an environment”. His mediums of choice include wood, slate, brass, marble and steel. The sense of manifesting the intangible is encapsulated in the delicate craftsmanship of Knowledge (2018).


Founder of ArtMarketGuru, avid supporter of public art and Swiss art dealer Frédéric de Senarclens, facilitated the commission of Reinoso’s public work. Senarclens has previously promoted renowned international artists in both modern and contemporary art galleries throughout Geneva and Singapore.


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