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Introducing these bathroom collections imbuing groundbreaking solutions, intelligent features that can blend in harmoniously with the interior details such as the chrome-plated brass pipe, lighting fixtures, ergonomic shapes lever handles, wall decors and concrete or marble flooring, thanks to the products’ understated, elegant looks.

Nov 27, 2017 | By LUXUO

The modern bathroom is more than a place for grooming, it is a personal space where you start and end each day. Other than searching for functional kitchen centrepieces, basin mixer for the master bedroom, most room buyers would pay special attention to the bathroom as it is one of the most vital areas when choosing a home.

With the offer of extensive product choices out there, selecting the right fit can set the tone in a perfect privacy-sanctuary to bring about pure bliss and relaxation as well as solitude to home owners. But because you spend time in the bath daily, even more, your bath deserves to be outfitted with clever, updated bathroom fittings that are safe and convenient for use in the shower.

We’ve rounded up a few bathroom specialists who offer premium brands for bathtubs, kitchen taps, bedroom washbasins, kitchen sinks, bathroom counters as well as avant-garde shower pieces and other multi functional bathroom fittings.

Bathroom manufacturer Jacob Delafon invited French fashion designer Alexis Mabille to create his own signature bathroom | Image courtesy of Jacob Deladon X Alexis Mabille

This new collaboration offers an elegant and futuristic view into the world of bathroom design for Jacob Delafon. In this exceptional design, which is Alexis Mabille’s first foray into bathrooms, he created a suite by incorporating a central bathtub, a shower and a sink.

The bathroom has an alluring white marble with gray veins complete with a matte finish to match the taps and the smooth curvature of the shower gilded in fine gold, along with other details of the bathroom’s and accessories, inspired by the Japanese sword guards in the 19th century.

The tall ceiling contrasts pleasantly with the “Rose Paris” pink walls and gray/taupe alcoves offering a fabulous view of Alexis Mabille’s sophisticated bathroom suite.

The lighting fixtures are placed in a certain angle to flood the suite with great amount of light that seemingly looks like natural daylight that opens up the expansive interiors. Very delicate colour palette, beautiful textiles and light coloured wooden flooring were carefully selected to form this signature bathroom reflecting the French-style art of ablutions.

Hansgrohe Kitchen Sink Combinations

Most recently, Hansgrohe Singapore held an exclusive preview for the AXOR Uno collection and hansgrohe Kitchen Sink combinations at hansgrohe boutique. This collaboration marked a momentous milestone for the latter as it is the brand’s first foray into the kitchen sink segment. The successful launch showcased new innovative and sophisticated kitchen sink combinations that would make a good choice for those in search of highly functional kitchen centrepieces. In addition, some of hansgrohe’s products were featured in projects around the world, such as the luxurious ocean liner Queen Mary 2 and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Showcasing the new hansgrohe M7119-H200 Kitchen Mixer available either in chrome or stainless steel finish, the models feature ergonomic lever handles on the front right-side of the sink’s rim. Due to the ergonomic flow work, the lever can be switched to regulate water volume or simply adjust water temperature.

The Kitchen Sink combinations are designed for the modern kitchen with matching faucets that integrate both form and function with intuitive control system and clever technical components. This will enable users to control the flow of water at ease using the back of your hand or elbow even if you are holding on to things with both hands. The best part this clever Select-Technology is that it requires no electricity or extra devices in the base cabinet and the technology used behind the Select button is purely mechanical.

New Bathroom Products Offering by Kohler

The faucet collection by Kohler is designed to fulfill a functional need and to strike a balance between the dynamic sensibility and the stunning displays of nature. The artifacts faucet and accessory collection embody timeless elegance and eliminate unnecessary details to elicit an emotional response with the collection’s stark beauty.

Kohler arrests every design detail that it encounters, from slender arcs and smooth planes to angles, and each representation of Kohler’s product aims to give homeowners brilliant ideas and inspirations to transform their environment that would best fit their persona.

AXOR Uno Basin Mixer

AXOR Uno introduces new bathroom collection conceived in collaboration with the Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design studio. Inspired by Purist Design in Perfection, AXOR Uno bathroom constructs two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle.

Offenburg’s new Hotel liberty features stylish bathrooms by AXOR.

Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, explains that AXOR Uno implements “the highest technological levels” and this collection embodies the quintessence of Purism in clean, minimalistic, subtle shapes, thus “reflects valuation for the material and precise and consistent construction,” staying true to the brand’s commitment to deliver perfection in design, craftsmanship and functionality.

Formal, simple design language and the aesthetics as seen in the construction of this free-standing washbasin with gold tap

The ergonomic contours and the raised proportions in the golden ratio make up the defining stylistic features of the taps. Designed to exude a sleek and elegant look, the taps and the standing washbasin adapt to any interior setting and the special surface finishes add accents and glamour to the over 70 products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs to redefine intimate homeliness.


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