Kohler Asia Pacific: Making a Difference

Making a great product is wonderful but the brand takes it one step further to create a wonderful product that makes a difference.

Jun 29, 2016 | By LUXUO

I have come across my fair share of unique and innovative products in this line of work but every once in a while something truly catches my attention. During Singapore’s Design Week, I had the opportunity to visit a forum on sustainability in architecture and design. There were architects from around the world, product designers and developers.Kohler-asia-pacific-article-2

During my visit, I spoke with the Vice President of Kohler Asia Pacific, Sidney Cheung. I was most fascinated by how they were taking it upon themselves to create more sustainable products while incorporating the vision of sustainability into their company ethos. Almost everything they do is built around trying to be net zero. Sidney explained how Kohler is expanding in Asia, though he was keen to point out that David Kohler, the CEO, is determined that Kohler is to leave the Earth a better place.Kohler-asia-pacific-article

Kohler makes a lot of great products across their range to help minimize the use of water, whether it be in toilets or faucets. There’s their Numi Intelligent Comfort Height toilets which need just 1.28 gallons to flush and their 2 gallons per minute shower heads and faucets which feature low-flow aerators to ensure they are more efficient than the industry standard (2.5 gallons per minute). However, apart from reducing the consumption of water, in 2016, clean water really should be made available to a larger portion of society.Kohler-asia-pacific-article-3

Which brings me to the product that caught my eye. It is called Kohler Clarity. The ceramic Clarity requires zero electricity or water infrastructure. It uses gravity alone to propel the water and remove 99% of all bacteria through its filtration system. The device can filter up to 40 liters per day and operating costs equate to $0.01 per person per day. As we approach summer, remember that great designs do not only look good, they must be truly innovative.

Be inspired to make a difference and appreciate that companies such as Kohler are creating products to ensure more people live a healthy and happy life.

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