Advent Aurora: World’s Most Expensive iPhone X Case

Crafted from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium, Advent Aurora is the most expensive case in the world that looks just as good as your new iPhone X

Nov 07, 2017 | By LUXUO

Singapore-based luxury brand, GRAY has launched a striking selection of the world’s most expensive iPhone X case, the Advent Aurora, designed for the most discerning consumer in mind.

An elegant addition to GRAY’s splendid collection, the Advent Aurora case protectors are made from aerospace grade titanium and have undergone intensive heated treatments to the surface of the materials to achieve the stunning Aurora finish.

Inspired by supercars, each of the Advent Aurora iPhone X case honours the fine art of precision engineering and the strive for perfection in the flaming process, a high-level technique performed by GRAY’s team of master craftsmen in Singapore.

With a focus to bring the future of luxury to the present, the range of Advent Aurora iPhone X casing embrace that modern sense of timeless style and elegance. Machined textured finish and hand polished, a series of multi-faceted lines with beautiful design detailing along with the random colour variants; all show the unique tastes that echoed throughout the surface of the material, creating a stunning experience that can be enjoyed from each of the Advent’s many angles.

Set apart by unrivalled artisanship, the Advent Aurora is the brand’s first attempt at creating display cases with Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium using integrated technology. Through the interpretation of hyper-modern designs, the right protective TPE cases are built out of exceptional quality to provide maximum protection for your iPhone X.

With such meticulous detailing, the design of each of the Advent Aurora iPhone X case is sleek, light with an ergonomic fit for users yet tough enough to withstand extra shock against drops. Available in Stealth, Gold and Rose Gold editions, as well as for the iPhone 8, the Advent Aurora is priced at USD$1295.

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