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Baccarat Hotel, New York serves $450 “Sidecar Royal” cocktail in a gold-plated glass

A divine blend of Rémy Martin Louis XIII and Grand Marnier Quintessence, the Royal Sidecar is served with a topping of a fancy gold leaf.

Aug 11, 2017 | By LUXUO

New York’s Baccarat Hotel has always been known to push the envelope of luxury. After all, the five-star hotel belongs to a 253-year-old French company that specializes in crafting the finest crystals in the world. Luxury is woven deep into Baccarat’s roots, and it shows in the deluxe experience offered by their hotel in Manhattan — so exclusive, it’s the only one in the world.

Besides its plush rooms and exquisite interiors, Baccarat Hotel now boasts one of the grandest cocktails in the world. Introducing the “Royal Sidecar”, a lavish blend of Rémy Martin Louis XIII and Grand Marnier Quintessence that hints at a tinge of lemon.

The “royal” part comes in when the divine mixture is poured into Baccarat’s signature 24-karat-gold-painted Harcourt glass and — the finishing touch — garnished with a gold leaf. Presented before you on the counter at Baccarat Hotel’s The Bar, you would be forgiven for thinking you were drinking ambrosia for the gods.

The brains behind The Bar’s latest concoction is none other than Matthieu Yamoum, the Hotel’s acclaimed Food & Beverage Manager. With years of experience and a flair for innovation, Yamoum is the key to what sets The Bar a cut above the rest. (Although, with its grand chandeliers — the biggest one estimated to be worth $1 million — and opulent Art-Deco style interiors, The Bar was already doing a decent job at differentiating itself from other bars in luxury hotels.)


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