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Buy gemstones with Bitcoin — Genesis-Global adopts Aditus Pay

Genesis-Global, a purveyor of exquisite gemstones and jewellery in the ultra-luxury sector of the region, has signed an exclusive partnership with Aditus to market their offerings to crypto-affluents.

Sep 17, 2018 | By LUXUO
A look at some of the exquisite gemstones and unique jewelry pieces carried by Genesis-Global

Singapore, SINGAPORE – Aditus, the world’s no. 1 luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, announced a strategic partnership with Genesis-Global Gems & Jewellery Group (“Genesis-Global”), an ultra-luxury jewellery group based in Singapore and Hong Kong. As part of the agreement, Aditus will implement Aditus Pay as a crypto-currency solution for Genesis-Global in Singapore to serve clients who wish to make payment for precious gemstones, such as investment-grade diamonds, rare rubies and sapphires and other precious stones, as well as haute jewellery, using crypto-currencies.

As a start, Bitcoin will be accepted by Genesis-Global as a medium of payment. Payments will be executed through Aditus Pay, a proprietary crypto-to-fiat payment gateway that also integrates a “token-back” rewards component in Aditus tokens for Aditus VIPs. In addition, Aditus will work together with Genesis-Global as its referral partner in the group’s outreach to crypto-affluents.

Founded in 2012 by corporate lawyer turned gem connoisseur Kelvin Tan and his younger brother Dennis Tan, Genesis-Global has opulent showrooms in Singapore and Hong Kong that are frequented by HNWIs and members of high society. It grew from their joint passion for rare gemstones into a flourishing business.

At Genesis-Global, one can expect a highly personalised experience during private by-appointment-only sessions

Along with a highly personalised experience one can expect at private and confidential by-appointment-only sessions, the immense popularity of their offerings can also be attributed to firmly established connections with reputable mining companies in the gemstone trade and a dedicated team of in-house craftsmen and jewellery designers.

“Precious gemstones are an important investment asset class that anyone who is serious about legacy planning cannot afford to ignore. Annually, precious gemstones increase in value by more than 20% on average, making them attractive beyond their aesthetic appeal as status symbols”, explains Kelvin Tan, CEO and co-founder of Genesis-Global, which has been sourcing and brokering the reselling of precious gemstones at lucrative profits for customers. This unique gemstones trading platform is now open to crypto-affluents to invest and trade in precious gemstones through Aditus Pay.

In addition, Tan believes in the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology and its potential to facilitate international trade. “Likewise, I believe that cryptocurrencies are poised to become the new medium of exchange in the near future and working with Aditus gives us a foothold in this new frontier,” he explains. “If the current size of the gems and jewellery market is approximately US$310 billion, we only expect that figure to jump much higher when the crypto market matures and cryptocurrencies become widely accepted globally. This will allow the gems and jewellery trade to expand beyond the boundaries of traditional fiat currencies.”

Echoing the sentiments expressed by Tan, Aditus CEO and co-founder, Julian Peh says: “As part of our ongoing efforts to onboard new luxury merchants to the fray, we are extremely fortunate that the founders of Genesis-Global have been looking for ways to incorporate crypto-currencies to make payment for precious gemstones and jewellery. Aditus aims to fill a void in the marketplace by connecting crypto-affluents to the luxury world and Genesis-Global’s exquisite creations and personalised brand of service is unparalleled in the region.”

About Aditus:
Aditus was created to be the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network.

About Genesis-Global:
Genesis-Global is a purveyor of exquisite gemstones and jewellery in the ultra-luxury sector of the region, with offices and exclusive showrooms in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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