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WOW SG Spring 2019 Issue – Hope Springs Eternal

With Spring 2019 issue, we are opening the year with hope. We have discovered that watch industry is no longer just about luxury and commercialism but heart. The pervasive spirit of philanthropy and sustainability expresses the soul of not just the watchmakers but the Chief Executives and Senior Managers who run the brand

Apr 01, 2019 | By LUXUO

We are about to begin the second quarter of 2019 and many are embracing a mantra of “cautious optimism”. Capitalist systems are in a moment of upheaval, as a recent interview with Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten on sister publication, would reveal, “People only buy luxury when they’re confident and optimistic. No one needs luxury.” This is a maxim which watchmaking brands embrace as well.

The World of Watches Spring 2019 issue is now out on stands and as you browse, our market report will show that though 2018 ended on a high note but looming Brexit and Trade Wars have cast a certain pallor on the global economy, further dampened by environmentally compromising positions from US Donald J. Trump. That said, the big brands of the world are not resting on their laurels.

World of Watches Singapore Spring 2019 Issue – Hope Springs Eternal

For decades now, a pioneer and partner of explorers, Rolex has been fuelling a passion for Earth and its environs by identifying the many young minds and captains of industry who can make the world for the better. In essence, what they are fostering is what I consider to be a ‘Perpetual Planet’.. Other luxury groups are not content to stay idle as well with many embracing a position of sustainability.

Industry legend, Jean Claude Biver too, is optimistic. In our mega 14 page interview, World of Watches shares his wisdom and insight. Shared knowledge of his business tactics, his rules for inspired leadership and even his projects into where the next generation of consumers lie.

Overall, our World of Watches Spring issue is meant to give you a glimmer of hope even in periods of uncertainty. Even in the face of potential global headwinds, the brands are optimistic. A cynic may seek refuge in the words of the Stoic Seneca, who once claimed that hope is tied to fear as both involve anxiously looking into the future.

“Now is a time for men of means and resources to become foundation stones for sustainable living. That some brands are picking up the responsibility to help safeguard our future is heartening. The watch industry is not just about luxury and commercialism but heart. It expresses the soul of not just the watchmakers but the Chief Executives and Senior Managers who run the brand.” – Jonathan Ho, Editor-in-Chief

However, hope doesn’t spoil one’s enjoyment of the present, but rather it makes a certain kind of pleasure possible despite the circumstances. Hope is a kind of defiance, much in the same way your watch is an objet d’art that defies circumstances, bringing you infinite pleasures from that inch of real estate on your wrist. Indeed, there’s much to be hopeful for, after all, mechanical watchmaking has survived 300 years against quartz and computer timers.

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