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Transformation of the Little Flats

Maximising every square foot of precious land, this little apartment in Ukraine features some innovative reimaginations of space in a small apartment.

Jun 01, 2018 | By LUXUO

As housing demands increase and property developers bid sky-high prices for land on our limited space on the Singapore Island, sizes of flats have shrunk dramatically from a decade ago. Especially with the recent collective sale frenzy, apartment sizes continue to suffer, as developers struggle to keep apartment prices affordable. Three-bedroom apartments have shrank from an average of 1,200 sq ft to just 900 sq ft, while two-bedroom apartments have declined from 800 sq ft to 600 sq ft or less.

Named ‘Little Flat Transformation in Lviv‘, a major renovation by replus design bureau was conceptualised for a small apartment to maximise every inch.

At just 35-square-meters (approx. 377-square-feet), this small apartment was reconceptualised by replus design bureau to make use of the limited space. Named ‘Little Flat Transformation in Lviv‘, the space is owned by a couple who wanted to incorporate their own design aesthetic in their home. While concentrating on maximizing the space they had, they also wanted to preserve the historical details, like the Austrian parquet floors and brick walls.

The main room needed to function for different purposes so they raised the bed high off the floor to work as a loft space. By lifting the bed off the floor they were able to bring in a sectional sofa and plenty of storage blow.

The kitchen acts as the hub of the home where they installed a large island that can be extended if needed.

Using laminated plywood and mirrors helps keep the compact interior brighter.

In face of the shrinking sizes of apartment sizes in Singapore, such as the increasingly popular studio type that range in a similar size of around 400 square feet, this may be a good reference point for some feasible ideas and new innovation in our next renovation project.

Photos by Maksim Sosnov.

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