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Singapore’s Top 5 Interior Design Firms

Here are the top 5 interior design firms you can consider to add a bout of inspiration and fresh perspective to create entirely unique worlds you can call home.

Apr 25, 2018 | By LUXUO

Words by Andrea Sim | Images courtesy of the respective interior design firms

Singapore’s Top 5 Interior Design Firms

Featured here are the top five interior designers in Singapore whom we think are passionate, inspiring and imaginative, who can provide impeccable tastes, intuition and unrivalled interior expertise that clients are looking for.

1| Elliot James

Established in 2012 by Elliot James, the award-winning British interior design and furniture studio focuses on elegance, opulence and bespoke design and craft the ideal interior based on the understanding and aspirations of their client, and the relevance of location. The firm has built a large project portfolio over the years, ranging from luxury high-end interiors and luxury commercial boutiques to both private and development properties. The studio offers services encompassing space planning, project management, specialist installation, and designing for bespoke kitchen, bathroom, furniture and lighting design. Elliot James aims to “maximise the potential of the existing elements of a space and develops these with imagination and vision.”

2| Takenouchi Webb

Previously an architect, the British architect Marc Webb started Takenouchi Webb in a partnership with Japanese interior designer Naoko Takenouchi in 2006. The architect firm is experienced in designing for restaurant, hotel and bar projects, emphasising good balance of design and function, materials, detailing and precision combined with practical problem solving unique to each project. Takenouchi Webb’s design contributions in high-end interior projects include The White Rabbit, Tanjong Beach Club and Loof imbueing innovation and redefining modern luxury. Takenouchi Webb design projects have been featured in numerous magazines such as: Wallpaper Magazine, The Singapore Showcase, Form Magazine and Monocle Magazine.

3| Designed Design Associates

Established in 1997, the award-winning Designed Design Associates interior firm has broad experience with commercial projects, modern home interior design and private residential homes in Singapore. The firm has been invited to design commercial spaces such as Bistro at the Supreme Court, Metrojaya Group of stores and Keck Seng Tower. The talented team aims to deliver results that speak of intimacy and identity. Before the start of each project, a depth personality study with its clients will be conducted before delving into the design aspects. Catering to a diversity of clients from regional countries such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and the Philippines, the firm provides a holistic range of services including space planning, design conceptualisation, project construction and management.

4| Mr Shopper Studio

If you are looking for a stunning home with exemplary service, maybe Mr Shopper Studio can help! Whether its resort style, modern contemporary, Scandinavian or industrial, their designers can elevate your home experience by injecting attitude and scream bolder concepts to help you get an extreme makeover for your interior. Pictured above are some of the residential projects designed by the talented team who aims to deliver both results and ultimate service and quality, all within budget.

5| Ark-chitecture

ARK-hitecture is a one stop boutique interior design firm with fully integrated services that encompass the entire process, from design and consultation to project management and construction. The company provides tailored solutions to help their clients construct a home with a design that is more than just decor. By exercising their imagination and creative power, the designers adopt multidisciplinary design practice, ranging from contemporary to Scandinavian styles.

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