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The new Bentley Bentayga: Mulliner joins the luxurious range of SUVs

Mulliner for Bentley Bentayga now takes outdoor sporting to the next level with performance that goes far beyond speed. Drivers will experience more power and torque than any other car in its class, on or off-road.

Nov 27, 2017 | By LUXUO

The exterior features Pale Sapphire with Black Sapphire Duo tone overlay

The new Bentley Bentayga is one of the most exciting developments by Mulliner thus far, which has joined the world’s most luxurious SUV range purely offered for outdoor sporting.

With a fresh coat of Pale Sapphire over Black Sapphire Duo Tone finish to its exterior, matched with the brand’s signature muscular powerline, optimal distribution of weight and seamless surfaces of its advanced aluminum exterior offset by the impressive, large 22-inch wheels, the Bentayga Mulliner takes performance capabilities far beyond speed measures. It has the ability to traverse at a top speed of 301 km/h, Bentayga Diesel is said to be close behind with a top speed of 263 km/h.

Since its completion, Bentley has taken the Bentayga for a rigorous test under the most extreme conditions around the world, including winter testing in the Arctic, sand testing on the Big Red dunes of Dubai and gravel testing in the mountains of northern Spain, plus  driving on the rugged, arid terrain of Chile and Bolivia, before it boasts that the Bentayga SUV has “excelled in all of these challenges, robustly confirming its versatile capabilities on and off-road”.

Understanding Needs & Desires: A dynamic take on the established design language and authentic car performance

Perhaps constructed to herald a new era in luxury SUVs, the Mulliner is further defined by its new level of unsurpassed level of exquisite craftsmanship, in which it is famous for. The Mulliner has been a hallmark of luxury travel for almost 500 years and the brand has been working closely with Bentley since the 1920s to bring together every detail and brilliant idea developed that shows agility, comfort and luxury in its range of innovative superforming cars.

And it is the same for the new Bentayga Mulliner.

Bentley finds every possible way to enhance the performance capabilities of the Bentayga Mulliner and offers intuitive Drive Dynamic Control that can be switched in between four settings to meet the different terrain specifications on the road.

Defining vision and each innovation intuitively enhances the overall sports car experience

Plus a selection of a variety of black paints, fifteen interior leather colours and eight exotic looking veneers, from the traditional Piano Black and to the new contemporary Liquid Amber veneer finishes to choose from to personalise your Bentayga’s cabin.

Other than the infotainment options featuring a 10.2 inch entertainment tablets at the back of the front seat headrests, over 10 driver assistance technology offer from urban driving to longer distance touring and robust off-roading. Passengers can also explore other finest stunning installations in the new Bentayga.

Another  major highlight of Bentley’s remarkable SUV is the 48V Electronic Active Roll Control system, which is said to minimise body roll when the car enters a corner and the system aids to improve ride comfort especially on bumpy surfaces. Off-road, Bentley Dynamic Ride increases axle articulation for enhanced grip and greater comfort levels.

Drawing eyes to the central fascia panel, is the Bentley-branded electronic analogue clock (as standard). Car owners can opt for a Breitling electronic analogue clock or the Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling or specify either of the timepiece with a white or black mother-of-pearl face or diamonds in eight index positions.

Unmistakably a Bentley: Offering the widest range from seat configurations to choices of interior and exterior finishes in any SUV

The interior features drilled sports pedals, embroidered Bentley emblems and cross stitch on the driver’s and passenger’s seats, along with a full choice of hide, carpet and a combination of interior colours.


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