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Global First - Buy Tecnomar Luxury Yachts with Crypto-currencies Through Aditus

Aditus and The Italian Sea Group Asia Limited embark on a partnership that marks the first time crypto-currency users will be able to buy new yachts directly.

Feb 26, 2018 | By LUXUO

Aditus, the world’s first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, has signed a partnership to enable the purchase of Tecnomar and Admiral luxury yachts using Aditus tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

This partnership, signed between Aditus and The Italian Sea Group Asia Limited, marks the first time crypto-currency users will be able to buy new yachts directly.

The shipyard behind Tecnomar and Admiral yachts is leading Tuscany-based The Italian Sea Group. The Italian Sea Group is one of the largest conglomerates in international yachting, constructing yachts and mega-yachts up to 145 m in length, all designed with the highest quality Italian craftsmanship. The headquarters boasts the largest private dry dock in the Mediterranean, which is commonly used for the refitting and repair of the mega yachts of many celebrities.

Under this partnership, firstly, Aditus Pay will be the exclusive crypto-payment gateway and crypto-payment concierge for The Italian Sea Group Asia. This allows crypto-users to purchase Tecnomar and Admiral yachts using Aditus tokens as well as other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. If the purchase is made with Aditus Tokens, not only will the transaction fees will be waived, the users will also get a reward “token-back” in Aditus tokens.

Aditus Pay — as implemented at Art Stage Singapore 2018

Secondly, Aditus VIP users will get special access to events celebrating the launch of their stunning new yacht the Tecnomar Evo 120 ICE WHITE EDITION, which makes its debut in July 2018. Many exciting events and parties are planned around this launch.

Thirdly, in a pilot project with the Aditus Access, potential buyers would get invitations to visit The Italian Sea Group headquarters as well as a tour of the historic Forte de Marmi, a favourite destination of discerning and affluent Europeans.

Forte de Marmi known for their alluring beaches and shopping

Remarking on the partnership, Traugott Kaminski, CEO of The Italian Sea Group Asia, said “Crypto-currencies have created a new group of wealth, and we are eager to provide seamless solutions for them. The team behind Aditus are not only trusted veterans within the luxury industry, but also experts at implementing technology. We have worked together with this team for many years, and we trust Aditus to assist The Italian Sea Group with promoting our beautifully-crafted yachts to the growing new community of crypto-affluents.”

Julian Peh, CEO Aditus added, “The Italian Sea Group produces some of the most stunning and well engineered yachts. We are confident their striking combination of looks, design and power will be a hit with our crypto-affluent users. ”

The first Tecnomar Evo 120 ICE WHITE EDITION will be launched in July 2018. Two yachts have already been sold to Asia.

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