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If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world’s most fashionable cities inside out, the Italian Notes microsite by Tod’s is the key.

Nov 18, 2015 | By LUXUO

There’s a perennial sense of charm and romance when one visits Milan, as our friends at Men’s Folio Singapore confirm. It’s a quintessentially Italian fairy tale – beauty is everywhere, from the streets dotted with idyllic Renaissance and Baroque-style buildings flaunting ornate details, the winding streets of Brera hiding quaint trattorias, right down to the potent cups of espressos served at practically every establishment you dart into. All it takes is the harsh reality of tourist hordes that congeal the avenues of this fashion capital to transform your day from bellissimo to disgustoso.

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The virtue of exploring a new city through localized eyes comes with an array of perks, starting off with avoiding the stress of crowds. Italian luxury leather goods house, Tod’s, has launched Italian Notes, a new microsite that serves as an insider’s guide to various cities around Italy, kick-starting with Milan (the site also features guides to Venice, Como, Florence, Siena & Montalcino, Bologna, Naples and Rome). The crew of insiders and influential personalities handpicked by Tod’s will present their favorite destinations around the city, while imparting style and lifestyle knowledge that is signature to the Tod’s brand. Look to the interactive Italian Notes microsite for news on the city’s most exclusive hangouts, eateries, and even the best tables to dine at in different restaurants.

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Tod’s will also be releasing individual fashion guides tailored to specific cities, featuring the brand’s seasonal apparel and accessories for jetsetters to fully realize the Italian sense of casual elegance.

Aside from the microsite, English and Italian iBook versions of Italian Notes will be made available for download on the Apple Store.

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