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Bel Air Fine Art Adopts Aditus Pay as Crypto Payment Service Provider

Bel-Air Fine Art forges ahead with Aditus Pay as crypto payment gateway for art enthusiasts to purchase artwork with cryptocurrencies.

Mar 14, 2018 | By LUXUO

Aditus, the world’s first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, announced a strategic partnership with Bel-Air Fine Art. This will include a demonstration of Aditus Pay during the gallery’s grand VIP opening at Mayfair, London on the 15th of March, 2018.

BAFA London Gallery

As part of the agreement, Aditus will implement Aditus Pay as a cryptocurrency payment solution for Bel-Air Fine Art galleries to serve art lovers, academics and collectors who wish to make payment in Aditus tokens and other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Founded in 2004 by seasoned art dealer François Chabanian, Bel-Air Fine Art is an acclaimed European-based group with galleries across cities such as Switzerland, France, and Italy that are frequented by crypto-affluents.

BAFA (Bel-Air Fine Art) London is the 14th gallery under the Bel-Air Fine Art group. This new gallery will focus on Street, Neo- and Post-Pop art, as well as optical installations of artists from all over the world. The group also organises international exhibitions in the Middle East including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut.

Partnering with Aditus for its grand opening, works from international artists like Angelo Accardi and renowned street-artist Banksy can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. There will also be two remarkable curated shows by Carole Feuerman and Sandra Shashou entitled Strength, Survival & Balance and Broken Reborn respectively during the night.

Artwork by Sandra Shashou, gravitating around the concepts of destruction and regeneration.

Artwork by Carole Feuerman, capturing the notion of natural beauty and inner peace.

Aditus is a revolutionary decentralised lead-generation and marketing platform for luxury merchants. For a community of new wealth, it serves as a privacy-centric access and transaction platform. Aditus aims to fill a void in the market place by connecting crypto-affluents to the global art world. Payments will be executed through Aditus Pay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, that was successfully rolled out at Art Stage Singapore 2018 in January with four paintings paid for with cryptocurrencies.

“We are confident that Aditus Pay will contribute to the growth of the global art scene,” says Co-founder and CEO of Aditus, Julian Peh. “The curators at BAFA pride themselves on being able to handpick emerging artists while also showcasing the works of proven ones in the industry. Similarly, we like to believe that the implementation of Aditus Pay will allow BAFA to engage a new breed of collectors who will take pleasure in appreciating art in all its various forms. We’re looking forward to an incredible journey ahead with BAFA as a key partner even as Aditus remains firmly rooted as a valuable facilitator behind the scenes.”

Aditus Pay at BAFA London, Mayfair.

Additionally, as part of continuing expansion plans, Aditus will be actively supporting the contemporary art scene with exclusive invites to exhibitions, art fairs and previews for users as part of the coveted Aditus VIP membership program that will be unveiled in the coming months.

Bel-Air Fine Art London Gallery is located at:
105 New Bond Street,
W1S 1DN,
Mayfair, London


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About Aditus:
Aditus was created to be the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network.

About Bel-Air Fine Art:
Founded in 2004 by François Chabanian, BEL-AIR FINE ART group has been focusing and sharing its expertise on contemporary art for more than ten years.

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