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An Interview with Rising Indonesian Artist Naufal Abshar

Having participated in many exhibitions around the world at 26 years old, Naufal Abshar proves to be an artist with great prospects. Words by Anastazia Prahin

Mar 21, 2019 | By LUXUO

Naufal Abshar, a rising artist from Indonesia has a big vision and skills to match. From his favourite artwork by Pablo Picasso to foods that inspire him, LUXUO uncovers all the wonderful quirky side to the insightful artist in a 10 quick question-and-answers below.

An Interview with Rising Indonesian Artist Naufal Abshar

What is your dream project? 

Currently, my dream project is to paint an aeroplane.

What colour can you not do without?

The colour white. White is the most neutral colour on everything.

What has been the most fun artwork you have completed?

The most enjoyable works have been paintings that interact with technologies, such as those with sensors or mechanical features.

Name one of your favourite artworks in history.

A masterpiece painting by Pablo Picasso titled “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”


What do you like about your work?

In my own work, I enjoy how pieces reflect current society, how slapstick jokes are incorporated, how they include satire and the overall contemporary style of my artworks.

Your artwork currently exhibiting in Hatch Gallery explores Post-Human. Please tell us more about this work.

In this piece, I aim to give a perspective about the presence of technology and its manifestations that are affecting our basic principles as human beings. Today we physically look like a human yet mentally we are contaminated as if like a robot. This artwork exhibits the current issue that posthuman is real.

What draws you to work with Hatch Gallery?

I enjoy the vision as well as the concept of the gallery, as it seems to always showcase conceptual exhibitions.

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POSTHUMAN @hatchartproject @hatchartproject Curated by @sueohsuezin , the exhibition boldly tackles what it means to introduce non-human entities into our understanding of human beings and society. Perhaps, it is inevitable that to be human is to weave technology into our existence. A Wake-up Call from Posthuman welcomes you to consider these possibilities and more while experiencing contemporary art that dares to engage in 21st century discourse. More Than Human World: A Wake-up Call From Posthuman is a futuristic art exhibition by HATCH ART PROJECT exploring relevant contemporary themes such as new technologies, artificial intelligence and posthumanism. This group show features exciting Southeast Asian and Singaporean artists including Naufal Abshar, Aditya Chandra H, Niño Cubacub, Seungpyo hong, Urich Lau, Tristan Lim, Leeroy New, Abshar Platisza and Npaaw. @hatchartproject Duration: 18 January – 14 March 2019 Asia Square Tower 1, 8 Marina View, #01-02, Singapore

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How would you describe the themes you pursue?

A humour manifestation(laughter) and its activities that can reflect social & political commentary.

We all love food, so we have to ask, is there a food or drink that inspires you?

Yes. Inspiration is sparked mostly by American food products such as cereals, chips, chocolates and biscuits.

Our final question is, why do you do what you do?

Because for me art is life and life is art.

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