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Kim Robinson Master Class on Asian Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Robinson’s latest book fills you in on all the things you need to know to tackle your Asian hair woes.

Mar 10, 2016 | By LUXUO

When a hair guru with over three decades of experience and an A-list clientele (the likes of Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Zhang Ziyi, Paris Hilton, Vicky Zhao Wei, Carina Lau, the late Princess Diana and, most recently, Rita Ora, just to name a few) releases an encyclopedia on all things related to his craft, it’s not something you’d want to ignore. Kim Robinson presents Go Get Gorgeous, a 173-page style guide that contains everything you need to know – and everything you need to stop doing – to get editorial-worthy hair, from getting the cut of your dreams to matching your hair to your skin tone. Penned by Robinson himself and edited by Jane Hsiang, former editorial director of Elle Asia Pacific, the book progresses with stunning visuals of Hong Kong supermodel Kathy Chow, actress Brigitte Lin, recording artist Sandy Lam and the hair maestro’s own photo-ready protege, Singapore-based hairstylist Miki Gao. Unlike most hair guides on the market, Go Get Gorgeous is written specifically for Asian hair.Go-Get-Gorgeous-Kim-Robinson

“A hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look. As your hair frames your face, having a great cut empowers you, boosts your confidence and announces who you are to the world. This essential guide features Asian women for Asian women and gives you access to the pivotal knowledge of selecting the show-stopping style that’s yours to own,” says Robinson, who was recently in Singapore for the launch of the book.Kim-Robinson

The hair guru also talked about his cover girl, Nanjing-born model August Zhang, and how a single cut by him transformed her career. “August has an elegant long neck, beautiful features and a set of full, plump lips… a dream come true for any beauty or fashion brand. But why was she not picked up during castings? The answer is simple – it was her long, straight hair that ‘muted’ her looks,” he explains. Zhang is now signed with New York City’s Wilhelmina Models, proving the power of a good haircut.

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Text by Candice Chua

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.

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