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The world’s costliest room service

Helsinki hotels charge the most for room service, according to a new survey, with club sandwiches costing USD$38.00 on average.

Mar 27, 2014 | By LUXUO

Room service

Helsinki has emerged as the priciest city for room service, and Tunis the cheapest in a new index that provides a snapshot of how much a club sandwich and a can of Coke will set guests back around the world.

In TripAdvisor’s 2014 TripIndex Room Service, analysts created a price comparison of in-room amenities like a club sandwich, a bottle of water, peanuts, a soda, a mini bottle of vodka and dry cleaning services.

Not surprisingly, Scandinavia emerged the most expensive region on the index, with Nordic cities claiming four of the top 10 most expensive spots. After Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen also made the list.

The survey also revealed that travelers can expect to pay 22% more for room service amenities in the US compared to major destinations around the world.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas emerged the most expensive destination in the US for hotel amenities, followed closely by New York and Washington D.C.

The most affordable cities in the US are Denver, Seattle and Minneapolis.

club sandwich

The most expensive cities for room service in the world (club sandwich, water, peanuts, soda, a mini bottle of vodka and dry cleaning service):

Helsinki, Finland, $89
Oslo, Norway $88
Seoul, South Korea $73
Zurich, Switzerland $72
Stockholm, Sweden $69
Paris, France $68
New York, USA $68
Toronto, Canada $66
Singapore, Singapore $62
Copenhagen, $60

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