Radical & Revolutionary – Stunning Prefab Works of Revolution Precrafted

Some of the world’s top architects and interior designers work with Revolution Precrafted to create functional and striking prefabricated homes.

Nov 15, 2018 | By LUXUO

Revolution Precrafted is a global startup is shaking the prefab industry the world over with its unique and innovative technologies bent on assembling homes much quicker.

A prefab home by Revolution Precrafted

In a world where buildings are no longer just buildings but works of art, such as the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi, UAE, The Piano House in Anhui, China etc., Revolution Precrafted is changing the city landscape with its unique, stellar buildings that are viewed as works of modern art.
Prefabricated buildings, also known as prefabs, are laying the foundations of this new construction industry with their cost benefits and efficiency. Buildings and homes can now be
manufactured off-site in advance and then shipped and assembled.

Hedera home designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

Revolution Precrafted uses advanced robotics with a network of cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient productions systems. A software employs the 3D model of a prefabricated structure as input and then returns motor control command output to the hardware. The automation of construction improves productivity, quality and safety, which will also contribute to cost reduction. With this highly advanced technology, it also allows the company to build prefab homes upon order, ready for integration into one’s property anywhere in the world. The firm’s supplies can be built as fast as two to three months while the mechanisation used ensures precise conformity to building code standards and greater quality assurance. This allows for both speed and quality to be achieved. Besides their state-of-the-art technology, Revolution Precrafted also offers a wide range of designs that cater to any location, function and taste. This widens the customer base as designs cater to a large variety of tastes and preferences. To top it all off, home buyers can soon buy their dream home online which is a huge plus in this day of the digital economy.

Polygon House by Eduardo Calma

It makes the company even more accessible to the public and international buyers. These are just some reasons why Revolution Precrafted remains ahead of the game. However, what makes them truly stand out is that they are the only company that puts together the greatest number of sought-after names in art, architecture, and design in one single collection.

Lev Libeskind’s design for Revolution Precrafted

Revolution Precrafted unites 80 of the world’s top designers and architects called the “Revolutionaries” to help with project designs. These esteemed architects and designers include Zaha Hadid, Christian de Portzamparc, Lenny Kravitz, Francesca Versace, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, David Salle and Jean Nouvel to name a few. With designs curated by these celebrity architects, it makes the firm’s properties ever more exclusive and elevates the value of the property. Revolution Precrafted has multimillion-dollar projects all over the world. For example, the company has bagged a USD 3.2 billion deal with Seven Tides for The World Islands project in Dubai and a USD 460 million deal in Brazil to develop “The Farm”, a private property where the King of Portugal would spend his summers when visiting Brazil. Working together with world-renowned artists and architects in the industry has made their projects highly sought after and valued.

Clarke Pelli Architect’s Cabin Stack design

Modular Glass House by Philip Johhnson and Alan Ritchie – The original Glass House was designed seventy years ago by Philip Johnson as his home in Connecticut, US. The beauty of a glass house is that it becomes a framework for the viewing and appreciation of one’s lush surroundings. The glass house features a typical window bay as a viewing platform of the outside and a structure that becomes the outer skin of the building. Instrumental Home by Marmol Radziner and Kravitz Design – The Instrumental Home is a free-standing enclosure that includes a living area, kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. The interior space maintains a constant connection with the outdoors by using full-height glazing. As such, this home creates an efficient indoor/outdoor living space. Eden by Marcel Wanders – Eden is the perfect getaway, providing a living area that is both opened and unfenced. The generous use of glass and a roof that extends over the exterior connect the inside and outside spaces to create twice the living area for special private and social gatherings. The design realises a vision for a sophisticated prefabricated house of expressive details, respect for cultural heritage, and elegant interior design. Simple by Jean Nouvel – The Simple Project comprises of lightweight aluminium exterior panels, a layer of thermally-efficient insulating foam and wooden interior lining. The design is customisable in size and layout, allowing for end-users to define the space to their liking with sliding interior windows and partitions. Collectors can also choose from a variety of interior finishes. While these are only some buildings from Revolution Precrated’s curated collection, all the buildings that the firm has created thus far boasts spectacular detail without sacrificing function and aesthetics. Prefabricated homes are becoming increasingly common as well as more accessible to many different budget levels. With the company’s speed, quality, designers it works with, flexibility, technology and cost efficiency alongside Robbie Antonio’s leadership, the company is a force to be reckoned with in the real-estate/ property developer business across the world. They are taking the prefab concept and reshaping the entire construction industry in many countries such as Philippines, Bahamas, Brazil, Cyprus, United States, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritius, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Seychelles, Spain, United Arab Emirates, to name a few. In fact, the firm is considering to open a regional office in Singapore by next year.

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