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Mercedes-Benz third generation CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC

Showcasing the trendsetting CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC’s sensual, dynamic design, the third generation of the original Mercedes-Benz CLS embodies stylish sportiness

Sep 28, 2018 | By LUXUO

At the Singapore Wine Vault last evening, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the third generation CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC. Showcasing the brand’s trendsetting CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC’s sensual, dynamic design, the third generation of the original Mercedes-Benz CLS embodies the self-assured sportiness and exemplary style in keeping with the pioneering DNA which combined the dynamism of a coupé with the functionality and stateliness of a family sedan.

Beneath its sophisticated exterior, Benz’s new CLS is an all-new five seater coupé updated with the new EQ Boost function and extra comfort control options, supported by a new range of engines driving the latest 2.0-litre CLS 350 and 3.0-litre CLS 450 4MATIC.

Mercedes-Benz unveils third generation CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC

The CLS was a dream given form by Mercedes-Benz in 2004, creating a new vehicle segment which joined the sportiness of a coupé and the practicality of a saloon. Today, the third generation of the CLS builds upon the unique characteristics of the genre. The new model Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 and CLS 450 4Matic sees its arching waistline accentuated with flat side window lines.

“The new CLS is a design icon as the archetype of the four-door coupé. In line with our design philosophy of sensual purity, we have reduced its DNA in an extremely puristic way and at the same time emotionally charged it with elegant beauty” – Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG

The new CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC enhances the new design idiom of Mercedes-Benz, readily identified by the clean contours and flowing lines, topped by a contoured grill that widens towards the base and a forward-slanting front section. What results is a new CLS offering a family-friendly yet highly emotive drive with exemplary sportiness and style coupled with comfort and thrilling new technology.

The latest CLS models are equipped with new engines: Mercedes-Benz’s in-line six-cylinder and in-line four-cylinder units available in diesel and petrol versions. In Singapore, the new Benz CLS 350 is driven by an engine with 299 hp and combined fuel consumption 7.7l/100 km. The latest Benz CLS 450 4MATIC is delivered with 367 hp + 22 hp and combined fuel consumption of 8.1l/100 km,

New CLS third generation models feature Intelligent Drive Technology adopted from the S‑Class

The third generation CLS draws upon technologies from the new S‑Class, Mercedes-Benz’s flagship: the latest generation driving assistance systems, with route-based driver support provided by the Driving Assistance Package. Active Distance Control DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist provide drivers of the new Mercedes-Benz CLS with even more performance and safety options for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer with automatically adjusted speeds ahead of bends or junctions. Improved camera and radar systems, bequeath the latest CLS350 and CLS 450 4MATIC with an even better view of the surrounding traffic and better estimation of navigation and travel options.

The latest CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC Singapore Price inclusive COE

Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 – $335,888
Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 4MATIC – $385,888

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