2018 Marks the Year Dynamiq Yachts Makes Great Strides into Asia

Dynamiq Yachts, in partnership with Arcon Yachts will introduce the new flagship 165 foot Superyacht at the Singapore Yacht Show 2018, imminent.

Apr 06, 2018 | By LUXUO

2018 Marks the Year Dynamiq Yachts Makes Great Strides into Asia

Born from a collaboration of the world’s top superyacht design and construction experts, Dynamiq Yachts headed by Founder and CEO Sergei Dobroserdov has partnered Arcon Yachts to showcase the innovative and expanded Dynamiq range, which now includes a flagship 165 foot Superyacht.

Keep a look out for the dynamic yacht display at the Singapore Yacht Show 2018, taking place from April 12-15 at One 15 Marina Sentosa Cove in Singapore.

“Our strategic partnership with Arcon Yachts Asia will add to our US and European partnerships, giving Dynamiq the excellent exposure to very large, culturally diverse and wealthy populations.” – Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder & CEO of Monaco-based Dynamiq.

Over the years, Konstantin Kolpakov CEO of Arcon Yachts said: “We have seen the Dynamiq range grow in size and we are looking forward to show many other exciting innovations developed by Sergei and his team for the emerging markets in Asia.”

Built in Italy, designed in Monaco and engineered to perfection in the Netherlands, the flagship 165 foot Superyacht, the newest to the Dynamiq Yachts range will be presented by Arcon Yachts, an international brokerage company with head office in Monaco specialising in sales, purchase, charter, construction and management of the yachts.

Arcon Yachts has an established presence in the global yachting scene and have been representatives for many European and American brands in Europe and other countries.

For further information, please visit the official websites of Dynamiq Yachts and Arcon Yachts.

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