Singapore Airlines Best In-Flight Dining: Report

The national carrier of Singapore has been named the best international airline for in-flight dining thanks to Travel + Leisure magazine.

Aug 30, 2016 | By LUXUO

The results are in and the passengers have spoken: Singapore Airlines has been crowned the top international airline for in-flight dining by Travel + Leisure magazine. Following closely behind are none other than Emirates and Etihad Airways.

The ranking is part of the magazine’s annual World’s Best Awards, which saw readers vote for their favorite hotels, cruises and destinations amongst others. This is hardly the first time that Singapore’s national carrier has been awarded an accolade for its services. In 2015, the airline was named the best culinary airline by Saveur magazine. to see how the airline fared by other measures, see this year’s Skytrax awards.

For those wondering how the airline managed to secure its culinary position, well their secret lies in the talented people who develop its in-flight menus.

Enlisting the likes of Yoshihiro Murata from Japan, Georges Blanc from France and James Beard, the sample menu is created for passengers in first, business class and premium economy. The spread on board ranges from beef bourguignon, lobster Thermidor, Cantonese roast duck, sushi or rosemary beef brisket for the main course that can be selected 24 hours in advance. Before the dishes are rolled out to those lucky enough to savor the delicious flavors, they are tested for quality control. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, the meals are tested in a pressurized tasting room that stimulates the dining experience 30,000 feet in the air.

While the indulgent menu certainly sounds tempting, the carrier recently launched a new dining program that caters to the health-conscious flyer. Called “Deliciously Wholesome”, the menu features items such as salads, fish, tofu cheesecake and quinoa. Here are the top 10 international airlines for food, according to Travel + Leisure magazine:

  • 1. Singapore Airlines
  • 2. Emirates
  • 3. Etihad Airways
  • 4. Qatar Airways
  • 5. Cathay Pacific
  • 6. Turkish Airlines
  • 7. All Nippon Airways
  • 8. Japan Airlines
  • 9. Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • 10. Thai Airways International

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