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Drinks to cool off in this warm weather

Watermelons can be hydrating on a hot day, but tucking into a wedge can be messy, LUXUO has a list of cocktails and bars where you can not just feel cool but look cool doing it.

Apr 16, 2018 | By LUXUO

Not every cocktail or beer is fit for the weather. As the sun approaches closer, here are some of our favourites for a good sipper on a hot day.

Lighten up with some citrus flavours, mint and bubbly. A summer-favourite has to be a classic daiquiri for that refreshing punch, but here are some other specials that are sure to please. Feeling a little extra special? You’ll be in safe hands for a bespoke.

DING DONG: Pipagao 

This herbal cough syrup 枇杷膏 strikes a chord of nostalgia. Reimagined as a cocktail, think Old Fashioned but with a minty , familiar finish. Made with whisky, aged rum, pipagao syrup, calamansi, angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, this drink certainly captures the right elements.

23 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069703 | Tel: +65 6557 0189 | Website

OVEREASY: Stairway To Heaven

A refreshing and light drink for a rewind, complimented by a floral and sweet accent. This is a perfect mix of vodka, elderflower, kaffir lime and apple juice that right for some Spring celebration.

541 Orchard Road, #01-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881 | Website

SPIFFY DAPPER: Beetroot Gin Sour

The cheery warm flush of this drink embodies the strong character of this drink, further enhanced by the alluring scent of the rose petals adorning it. Its earthy and complex flavour is accompanied by a light foam capping it, giving it a light finish. 

73 Amoy St, Singapore 069892 | Tel: 8722 4953 | Website


28 Hongkong Street: Five Foot Assassin

The A frozen daiquiri in its freshest reincarnation. Named after the late rapper Phife Dawg, the Five Foot Assassin adds to the tropical rum slushie a fun swirl of coconut pandan cream, a hint of nutmeg, and tapioca balls and soaked in Angostura bitters.

23 Hong Kong St, Singapore 059677 | Tel: 6533 2001| Website

Horse’s Mouth: Yuzu Shuriken

A summertime favourite, the main body of yuzu sake is accentuated by cooling peppermint and a Sauvignon Blanc syrup. The cocktail gets a nice sweet note from Pavan liqueur, made from Muscat grapes and orange blossoms, almost like a sangria. It can get pretty heady though, with the extra splash of gin added.

#01-41 Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore 23884 | Tel: 6235 1088| Website

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