The Belmond Andean Explorer offers luxury cabins to travel across the Peruvian Andes

This luxury sleeper train will take across the most scenic landscapes of South America

Mar 19, 2019 | By LUXUO

The brand behind the iconic Simplon-Orient Express, Belmond, presents the ultimate luxury getaway in the form of snow-capped mountains and lush cabins. All aboard the Belmond Andean Explorer, a luxury sleeper train which is the first of its kind in South America. Travelling along one of the world’s highest train routes — the Peruvian Andes — the two-night journey will take guests on a journey of rest and relaxation.

Exotic Peru proves to be the prime location for this picturesque journey! The Belmond Andean Explorer is fitted with elegant different cabin choices: Double Bed Cabins, Twin Bed Cabins, and Bunk Bed Cabins able to accommodate 48 guests. Marvel at majestic lakes and towering mountains through the large picture windows on the train, providing unobstructed views to the spectacular scenery of the Andes. The interiors are dressed in vibrant colours and natural hues-notably influenced by the bustling culture of Peru and its environment.

The brand’s goal to bring wellness and tranquility to its guests is made true with the exceptional facilities available on board. With a Piano Bar perfect for unwinding with friends, a boutique and a library, the Belmond Andean Explorer is set to bring you an unforgettable luxury experience. Perhaps the highlight of the train is in its Observation Car. Boasting a marvellous outdoor terrace, this section is the best place for some fresh Andean air and views. Guests can even mingle whilst enjoying some live Latin music, while the train glides through gorgeous landscapes at 14,000 feet.

Twin Bed Cabin

The Belmond Andean Explorer also serves up tantalising dishes in its two dining cars. Concocted by Executive Chef Diego Muñoz, the Peruvian influenced menu consists of local delights such as corn with cheese, alpaca tortellini and a tantalising dessert made of lime with melted chocolate and apple custard.

Take some time along your journey to stop by this luxurious 20-room retreat—The Belmond Las Casitas. Blending seamlessly into the Peruvian landscape, the Las Casitas is nestled deep into Peru’s extensive Colca Canyon. The 20-room property basks in the tranquil nature of the Andes, providing a private location for guests looking to immerse themselves in culture, nature and wellness. Each casita, or bungalow, has a private terrace with a heated plunge pool, backed by sweeping views across the canyon. The hotel’s Samay Spa also makes use of nature’s abundance, offering nourishing products made from the hotel’s own garden.

For more information on the luxury travel and hotel experiences available, do visit Belmond.

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