Sattler Brings New Lighting Dimensions to Singapore

Architectural lighting specialist Technolite has brought Sattler, a German manufacturer of contemporary indoor lights, to Singapore.

Oct 24, 2016 | By LUXUO

Finding the perfect lighting instrument for one’s interior goals can be a vexing process, something German lighting specialist Sattler understands well. If you’re in Asia and find that name unfamiliar, fret not as Sattler is indeed new here, being recently flagged off by Singapore’s Technolite, itself a specialist in architectural lighting. To fulfill the needs of aesthetic purists, the combined prowess of Technolite and Sattler appears to have great promise, as we learned at the recent launch in Singapore.

Since this will be an introduction for many of us here in Asia – as it was for us – we’ll spend a little time on what Sattler is. This is especially important because Sattler does not have a good third party information resource, such as a Wikipedia page, for example. Nevertheless, you may have seen the company’s work at Bords de Seine 1 (Paris), Infinity Amsterdam (Amsterdam) or Reisdenz Munchen (Munich). 

Sattler Brings New Lighting Dimensions to Singapore

Wigmore Street 105, London. Circolo lighting range from Sattler

Sattler designs and produces elegant, minimalistic “luminaries” that add glowing value to all sorts of settings – from foyers, shops, residential buildings, to hospitality sites in any location. All conceptual designs carry the same principle of ‘Light in New Dimensions’, meaning that these products don’t just submit to the current trends of the market. Instead, Sattler commits to creating innovative forms with high quality materials that, ideally, shape trends. Looking at the product offering, which you can see here in the Sattler Light in New Dimensions offerings, the appeal is clear.

One of our favorites is the Luce Verde, which looks like an overhead view of a tropical rainforest and puts us in mind of Apocalypse Now. Just imagine that hanging from your ceiling or mounted on the wall. Yes, that’s real moss and such organic material that has been dried and treated, before being dyed and mounted onto the light fixture.

Sattler Brings New Lighting Dimensions to Singapore

Luce Verde Slim by Sattler

Sattler is a family business led by Ulrich and Sven Sattler with a team of 60 people, ensuring the production of quality lighting products. The company has been awarded a number of design and innovation awards, such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the Focus Open Award. In Singapore, Sattler is available via Technolite, which takes its mission of making the world a better place through the art and science of lighting very seriously, we are happy to report.

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