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ART STAGE Singapore 2018: Ashok Jain Gallery

Ashok Jain Gallery, based in New York, presents a curated selection of art from a diverse spread of artists at Art Stage Singapore 2018.

Jan 22, 2018 | By LUXUO

Ashok Jain Gallery, based in New York, was created with the enduring vision to foster dialogue between the artist and the viewer by bringing art to the foreground and creating an environment where people can appreciate the beauty of art freely. It is fitting then, that Ashok Jain Gallery will be bringing a curated selection of art from a diverse set of artists to the greater public at Art Stage Singapore 2018.

Annette Mewes-Thoms, ‘Lines 23’, acrylic ink on canvas, 30cm x 40cm. Image courtesy Ashok Jain Gallery

Annette Mewes-Thoms is a German artist whose artistic processes often involve a spontaneous element that reflects the meditative and fluidic freedom of water. This same fascination with water inspires her drawings which grow from line to line and layer to layer, compelling the viewer to enter in. The lines construct a paradoxical composite of strength and soft motion, and using either markers or paintbrushes, are built upon a system of instinctive compositions that eventually gives way to the realisation of a concept of which the exit is unpredictable.

Ekatherina Savtchenko, ‘Aphrodite’, acrylic on canvas, 36cm x 24cm. Image courtesy of Ashok Jain Gallery

Ekatherina Savtchenko works across a plethora of artistic platforms, from digital art and photography to sculpture and performance. Guided by the concept of ‘unity’, she strives to express this interconnectedness that is invisible to the human mind through her art.

Zohar Wallach, ‘Fresh’. Image courtesy of Ashok Jain Gallery

An Israeli native, Zohar Wallach began her artistic practice after experiencing the dramatic landscape change following her move to Canada. A sensitivity to the most common materials manifests in her biological approach; natural elements and pigments are incorporated into a long layering process through the fermentation of pigments, sand and water which determine the various layers visible in her artworks. This evocation of the natural in her works vividly project a sense of space, depth and movement, presenting to the viewer reflections on the forces of the natural world.

Yuji Ashikawa, ‘Like the Wind’, oil on paper, 41cm x 27cm. Image courtesy of Ashok Jain Gallery

Yuji Ashikawa’s artistic processes involve simplicity. Taking inspiration from the old masters, such as Picasso and Matisse, Yuji creates works that speak volumes of the human condition and capacity for emotional depth that transcends the complications of language.

Laura McClanahan, ‘Mystery Code’, acrylic resin and crystals on canvas, 24cm x 24cm. Image courtesy of Ashok Jain Gallery

Laura McClanahan graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore and has previously worked as an architect and art and design instructor. In her works, she explores the concept of confluence through a study of integrations between mark making and poured paint. Her research in energy healing lends inspiration and guidance into creating her works around the flows of water and their interactions with crystals, movements of which invites audiences to reflect on the movements in their deeper consciousness.

Be sure to check out these artists, alongside the featured Dan Obana and Elling Reitan at Ashok Jain Gallery at Art Stage Singapore 2018!

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