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A Look Inside Johnny Depps’ $13 Million LA Penthouses

Hollywood Star, Johnny Depp is Selling His LA Penthouses for Close to $13 Million

Oct 17, 2017 | By LUXUO

Inside Johnny Depps Abode in Downtown LA | Photo Credit: Notre Loft

Big spender Johnny Depp has serious problems managing his finances, which saw him frequently blowing his fortune on lavish lifestyle. He spent on five penthouses in the same building, in downtown Los Angeles, totalling up to $12.78 million. Just a month after he had listed five penthouses, he paid for each of the residential unit on two close separate occasions.

Not only that, a report said that the actor had a big dinner at Gibson Bar and Steakhouse once, with a company of friends to celebrate his red carpet screening of “Public Enemies” along with his co-star Marion Cotillard and film director Michael Mann. There, the bill choked up to a large amount of $4,400 before the tips, something you never would have thought of this peculiar side of this Hollywood star behind the scenes of The “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But that was also proof that how much he had enjoyed the night away.

Later this year, his former business managers supposedly in a lawsuit claimed that Depp had been reportedly spending $2 million a month on lavish lifestyle plus resting a big fortune on residences, a desire for wine, private jets and a luxury yacht among many other extravaganzas, according to the sources. And then, he was also embroiled in a divorce battle with Amber Heard, which gave her $7 million divorce settlement in an alleged physical assault by Depp.

Back to his million-dollar LA penthouses, according to Wall Street Journal, real-estate agent Kevin Dees of Partners Trust mentioned that “Wealthy buyers often combine units to create a large home” but Actor Johnny Depp kept them largely separate, living in them “like rooms in a home”.

Call it maybe, we can safely conclude that Depp is certainly not a minimalist from the aesthetical appeal streamlined by the bold outlook captured in his abode; the outlook is as stylish-opulent as it is in tandem with his penchant to keep up with a luxurious lifestyle.

This will not be Depp’s last time spending largely like how it is a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday experience.

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